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Victoria Falls

The spectacular Victoria Falls are shared between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

You can reach them by flying to one of the two airports: Livingstone in Zambia or Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

Flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town usually cost $ 100- 150 each way.

When choosing a visa, it is recommended to know the various options in advance: entry to one country, a dual visa to Zambia and Zimbabwe, or a visa that allows more than one entry.​

It is highly recommended to combine at least one day in Chobe Safari.
The abundance of game in it is worth the hour-and-a-half trip (including crossing the border into Botswana). A day visit to Chobe does not require a new visa back to Zimbabwe or Zambia.


Activities in Victoria Falls and Chobe​


Where to eat in Victoria falls

Lookout Cafe

Lookout Cafe

 Victoria Falls

“The view is one of the very best in Victoria Falls, and you won't find another restaurant like it on the edge of the Batoka Gorge. You are basically hanging above the river below you while you dine. The feeling is nearly surreal”


The Boma

Dinner & Drum Show

The Boma is a MUST for all visitors.

It's a fantastic evening that will bring you copious amounts of excitement, and leave you with a full belly!


The Royal Livingstone

Dine to unrivalled views overlooking the Zambezi River.

“Probably the best restaurant in town. Atmosphere is marvelous: zebras feeding nearby, sweet music from a string instruments. ”

Chobe Safari

Chobe Safari Victoria Falls

Chobe National Park, an hour from Victoria Falls and Livingstone, is home to the world’s largest elephant population. The park is also known for its large pride of lions, huge buffalo herds and you might be lucky enough to spot the elusive leopard. For birders, Chobe is home to over 460 bird species.

This day trip is divided into two parts: in the morning we embark on a game drive through the National Park, and in the afternoon you have a game viewing boat cruise on the Chobe river. Each activity is 3 hours and in-between you’ll enjoy a buffet lunch.

See the elephants playing in the water right next to your small boat, hear the hippos yawning around you, and take photos of the crocs absorbing the sun on the banks of the river in an abundance that will dazzle you. Namibia to your right, Botswana to the left the sunset here is a good memory that will stay with you. 

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