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South Africa

The beautiful landscape and variety of activities make South Africa a top destination.  It is modern, inexpensive and welcoming.

We offer competitive rates for Safari, hotels and car rental in SA


Preferred rates or trip planning

Option 1: discounted rates for safaris & hotels

Option 2: tailor made itinerary

This option is good for high budget travelers

Within an hour you would have an itinerary including hotels and vehicles

A friendly agreement can be found at the bottom of this page.

Rent a Car

Car rental in South Africa


  • ZERO excess. 

  • Cover for windshields and tires is included.

  • No mileage limit.


Image by Sebastian Staines
Usefull Information

All Covid entry restrictions were lifted. 

Entry rquirements

It is recommended to come to South Africa all year round, but it is recommended to find out in advance which activities are seasonal.
For example, the cable car to Table Mountain is closed for maintenance for several weeks in the winter, the whale season is from July to November and the sea turtles arrive in the summer. 

When to visit

No international rental license is required.

The use of credit is common. The local withdrawal fee is usually 50 rand.

Rands can be pre-ordered to the Bank of Israel at the Bank Hapoalim desk.

The conversion in South Africa is usually at a less good rate.


Electricity 220V but in many places the outlet is different and it is recommended to buy an adapter.

The price of the adapter at the airport is 250 R and outside 30 R.​

MTN at the airport has a 10 gig package that costs 150 rand. The prices written on the board are for tourists (about 450 rand) and they only give the best price to those who ask


​Most travelers are pleasantly surprised by the feeling of relative safety.

But it is important to note:
Do not walk around at night.

You don't get help at ATMs from anyone and it is recommended to withdraw money inside the branch and not on the street.
Leaving money in hotel safes is not without risk.

Be aware

The nature reserves and gardens Wild Card

For a quick check whether the card is worthwhile for you, you are welcome to get in touch! The calculation is a bit complex.

With a Wild Card you get unlimited access for a year to some parks, reserves and resorts. Can be purchased online or at the entrance to selected reserves.

Wild Card

South Africa is easy to travel for Halal and Kosher keeping travelers

Kosher & Halal

The best safaris and accommodations are snapped up early. We strongly recommend ordering as early as possible, especially on national holidays, summer vacation (Dec-Jan)

הזמנה מוקדמת של ספארי ולינה


Tips for South Africa

Table Mountain is less busy in the afternoon.​

Flight to the Garden Route
In the past there were flights only to Port Elizabeth, which many find less attractive. Today there are also flights to George at good rates. It is 

​Cape of Good Hope and the Penguins
Our recommendation is to do the route clockwise as the penguin reserve is less crowded in the mornings, and the sunset at Chapman Peak Drive on the way back to Cape Town shouldn't be missed.
​Car Rental
Many travelers receive traffic fines. A fee from the car rental company is  added to the ticket. 


South Africa is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Africa, with almost 10 million people visiting each year.

With its golden sandy beaches, picturesque mountains, vast national parks and vibrant cultural mosaic, it is not hard to understand why South Africa is a popular holiday destination among people from all over the world and on every budget.

The most popular attractions in South Africa are its national parks, with nineteen parks covering landscapes and wildlife in an amazing variety. From the savannah that stretches to the horizon of Kruger Park to arid deserts, clear peaks and spectacular coastlines, the parks of South Africa cover the widest range and ensure enjoyment for every hiker.

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How it works

Noah Tourism gives information and helps planning your trip.

The client books  accommodation and vehicles via us for the best rates.

Conditions: the client will not publish or forward information.

The signed agreement was sent successfully

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