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Useful information when visiting South Africa

The information here is brief - feel free to consult with us

South Africa > Useful Info

When to come to South Africa

South Africa an all year round destination, but it is recommended to check in advance which activities are seasonal.
For example, the cable car to Table Mountain is closed for maintenance winter for a few weeks.

The north of the country (Johannesburg, Sun City, Kruger) has summer rains and dry winters. Durban is relatively warm and humid all year round,  the Garden Route has an 7  monthly rainy days throughout the year, and Cape Town gets rain in winter while summers are dry.

Money and SIM card

The use of credit is common.

It is recommended to bring R4000 per person in advance, or withdraw along the trip from ATMs.

The local withdrawal fee is usually R50.

Sim Card

At the airport visit Vodacom for a sim card for R100.It is recommended to load a data bundle and some airtime.


Electricity is (220V) and adapters are needed (at the airport is R250, while in most stores it is R30.)

What to watch out for

Most travelers are surprised by the feeling of safety in South Africa.

However it is important to adhere to the followig advice:
Do not walk around at night. 

Do not get help at ATMs from anyone.

It is advisable to withdraw money inside branches and not on the street.
Leaving money in hotel safes is not always safe.

Wild Card - Unlimited Park Visits in South Africa 

With a Wild Card, you get a one year unlimited access to Partner Parks, Reserves and Resorts  based on the Cluster and Membership Category selected.


Membership may be purchased online or from applicable Conservation Partner Gates or Receptions.

Drop us a line and we will help you calculating if the card is worth it for you!

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